Nov 2018 - Oct 2019
Anna Tsuda
Concept Development
User Research
Graphic Identity
Product Design & 3D Building
Electrical Engineering
Arduino Programming

Smile Print is a vending machine that supplies users with positive emotions by printing short and uplifting affirmations in the format of shopping receipts.

Drawing inspiration from the convenient and easily accessible nature of typical beverage vending machines, it is a product that attempts to cater more positive emotions into our daily lives, whilst assisting in bettering the collective well-being of our society.
On an additional note, I applied for the Mayor's Entrepreneurship Competition 2019 in hopes to receive funding to commercialise this product and start a business. Although I wasn't able to progress to the final rounds, I wrote and designed a product pitch publication which concisely illustrates my research, development, and business plan. While my ideas have slightly changed since then, I am still working on this project. Check out Smile Print 2.0 which is now titled Smile Post!