Oct 2019 - Jun 2020
Ricebox Studio:
Safiya Ahmed
Bristy Azmi
Maria Than
Anna Tsuda
Research and Writing
Arduino Programming
Electrical Engineering
3D Building

As part of a design fellowship at CRIN, a children’s rights organisation that sought to communicate and tackle right issues through creative mediums, I started a campaign project called the Red Cloud Project alongside three other designers. This project consisted of building the "Period Cloud", an interactive printing machine providing information on various topics within menstruation, and co-authoring "From Your Big Sisters: A Guide on Periods and Everything Around It", an educational book on menstruation.

With my background in physical computing and wookwork, my primary role for the Period Cloud was to prototype, design the electrical circuit, solder, and build the enclosure. As for the book, I conducted an in-depth research on multifarious aspects of menstruation - a topic I initially had minimal knowledge on - and wrote the content and illustrated the anatomical diagams present in the book.

Through this project, we also received the opportunity to run a Period Tracking Bracelet workshop at MenstrUAL Festival, organised by UAL's Post-grad community, and feature in the Empower Period Podcast hosted by Irise International.

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